Jun. 9th, 2011 10:56 am
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Sooo what dance do you think Daiki was studying from On5 when he took this picture? I'm willing to bet the opening or the schoolgirl dance, but probably the schoolgirl one. Though I really only want to see them redo that one if that means they'll crossdress XDDD

Bonus points if they do it dressed as femme versions of random Box/Mode characters. pretty sure all Tuti'd need to do is stuff Nataraja's tunic for that...]

In other news, writing up the TxN Year 8 essay sure makes me remember how much I love the guys :3
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About time, is all's I got to say. I've been wanting this bitch for years.

I now own every *pnish* DVD I think~!

In other news, how amazing was Glee's rendition of Pure Imagination? Songs like this make Kurt's falsetto tolerable :3
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I love when boys I like go see boys I like in their plays for seemingly no reason! (well, Sukedachi, but...that was a while back o_O did Rui and Eiji get THAT close that he'd come see a show of his?)

Speaking of which, that's a kid that needs to be in a *pnish* show very soon imho. Kujirai did it, why can't Rui?? :D this is not so that I can satisfy my need that I've been cultivating since NelkeFes for Tuti and Rui to have a dance-off, not at all
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Today, in a series of good and bad events!

Bad: Woke up 2 minutes before the alarm :(

Good: Found out I'm going to be stopping working at my far-away work that I don't like (where I've been stuck the past 2 years) and headed back full time to my Roppongi office next month!

Bad: Saw Golden Mask, which absolutely sucked balls D: Seriously, I absolutely hated the show, I don't even really know why. It was boring, the parts that weren't boring were confusing, the characters were entirely two-dimensional, and just...a bad, bad unenjoyable show. Yikes. I can't believe it was a *pnish* produce show DDDD:

Good: ...Nagayan was there!

Bad: Picked up my TeniMyu tickets and two nights I'm in the EXACT SAME SEAT (what) off to the side and the other night I'm off to the side as well, all in the 3rd and 4th rows. I know, that's not really THAT bad, considering, but still :P

Good: ...Someone dropped 10,000 yen right in the middle of the street by my apartment. I seriously looked around and there wasn't a soul in sight. I feel bad about keeping it but...I can kind of use it :| I set it aside in case someone comes asking for it, but...yay?
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Western Mode DVDs finally came today! :DDDDD And of course I capped far more than I should have XD;;; 176 caps, to be precise, almost all from the backstage. So get ready for a few posts of nothing but screencappy goodness :D

No cowboys were harmed in the making of this backstage )
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Everyone needs to go vote in the POLL on [ profile] pnish :DDDDD Only thing is PLEASE DON'T VOTE TO KEEP THE LAYOUT gosh :/ The point of having a new layout contest is to get a new layout, cause the old one is OLD and it needs to be updated to account for changing needs of the comm (the tag layout in particular).

So idc what you vote for so long as it's something new ;; [ profile] faded_lace and I worked hard to bring the comm something nice and new to help sprice it up (that's a typo...but I'm gonna leave it and say it's a new word combining the meanings of 'spruce' and 'spice' XD), soooo please do us a solid and give us something new XD
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Today I went to see Panic Cafe a second time, and although there wasn't a talk event scheduled, TakiYuki informed us after the show had ended that the five of them would be holding an impromptu talk show, all five of them! Which I was psyched for, as well, umm, TAKIYUKI.

The highlight of it came, for me, when they were all asked to describe the person to their left using one kanji character, and Yoshikawa (the waiter) was asked how he would describe Akasawa (cute KY uke shota boy). After a moment's thought, he prefaced his response with, "Now, I don't mean this in a weird way..." so we knew it was gonna be good XD He mentioned that Akasawa was overflowing with cuteness and that he made Yoshikawa think for the first time that a guy was cute XDDDD The others were all, "Umm yeah ngl that still sounds really weird, you know XD;;;" and he kept trying to dig himself out of his grave and failing XD

Yoshikawa has a crush on Akasawa y/y?? (I'm not saying I ship them, I just thought it was hilariously adorable XD)

The show itself was just as good, and Hayato was, once again, a bundle of nerves in front of the audience during the show. idk what his problem is?? XD It's not just nerves, he flat out CANNOT TALK, has a fit almost when he's not performing. He's an excellent actor! I loved watching him! But...just, being himself? Good lord, I'm worried for him, seriously! XD;;;

Also randomly: the girl sitting next to me was watching the GradMyu backstage on her ipod before the show XDDDD *mental high-five*

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...Well THAT was unexpected! Soooo Panic Cafe opened today!! )
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This has been stuck in my head all day :D (Kurt's face at skintight jeans XDDDD)

I'm so fricking happy he's finally getting a little something-something :D It's about time they explored something a little deeper than lesbian fanservice :/ (I wouldn't have any problem with Britany and Santana, but it feels completely like they just want to show hot girls locking lips and nothing like they're exploring a relationship >_>)

I loved that whole episode, btw *___* The locker room scene was so powerful, and sad :( On both their parts *is vague to avoid spoilers; feel free to discuss in comments :D*

In other news, everyone needs to go read and comment on this massive LOVE post, where Miranda and I attempt to heap some much-needed love on Wasshi and Daiki, the two less appreciated *pnish* members (if recent polls are to be believed) :( GO SHOW SUPPORT! :DDDD
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YOU POSTED AN ADORABLE PIC OF AVERY!TAITO! :DDDDD And half of yourself as Coleman! Now we just need some full-body shots :D Though I do wonder if Tuti hasn't started thinking about dating younger (rather than older XD) men, given his thoughts on Taito:

His adorableness is really something to behold.
The way he held himself when he messed up in rehearsals and received critique on it: all of the men there at that time sighed to themselves, "So cute..."


I'm waiting on all the cast pics to go up (as they usually do after the show's run on the official blog) to post to [ profile] pnish, but if you're impatient, Daiki has a pic of himself as Harry on his blog here, and Eiji updated with his Ronnie outfit here, though his shirt is white in the show, not blue (dunno why he had that pic taken then...).

brb Nagoya

Nov. 6th, 2010 07:16 am
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So unhappy, though, that I'm missing the awesome "Yuuko cast have fun in Fukuoka" and all, BUT LOOKIT WHAT TSUJI LEFT ME WITH:

Yesterday, Shouta came to spend the night at my placeNow we're headed off to Fukuoka together! Just you wait, Fukuoka


But nuuuu dnw it to be senshuuraku ;_; Where does the time go with these things???
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Crappily lit pic is crappily lit (and upside down!) but I have card suits on my pointer through pinky and the paint is pink, purple, green, and yellow-orange to represent Harry, Cress, Wanizuka, and Avery, respectively. The thumb has a W on it (and the other has an M, for Western Mode). It's the best most tackiest paint job in the whole world ever, but you only get to go to a show's senshuuraku once!

Deja vu~

Nov. 5th, 2010 02:47 pm
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I guess *pnish* liked this foot-onsen/izakaya so much, they decided to go back again a year later XD
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Dear people whose work I edit: Please stop making the same. fucking. mistakes. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I've edited your stuff for TWO YEARS now. I realize you're not native speakers, but do you even LOOK at the stuff I fix for you? That's how you GET BETTER at a language--by LEARNING from your mistakes >(

Dear LJ: Please give me back my icon keywords. And my 200+ tags. Why did you feel it was cool to take them all away from me and make me stare at creepy Frank pics when I go look for them? This is going on into day 3 of this issue and I'm really getting annoyed :/ My paid account expires in a month; am I gonna have to smack a bitch or three? ETA: Well if the support requests are anything to go about, about 918273912 other people are having this issue too. If it doesn't get resolved, LJ's gonna have a loooot of p'd off peeps on their hands :/

Dear Nagoya Western Mode shows: PLEASE HAPPEN SOONER. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS IS FAR TOO LONG TO WAIT TO SEE YOOOOUUUUU DDDD: Also, if anyone wants a DVD and still hasn't preordered one, you'd better get your order in fast! I asked for them over on [ profile] pnish a few days back and hardly anyone's reserved one :P It's an awesome fun show with good music and costumes, a great cast, and probably the easiest to understand plot of any show so far; there really is no reason NOT to!

Dear nails: please stop breaking right before I'm about to give you an epic paint job :/
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Today kind of sucked all around XD;;

I did manage to get my birthday cash finally changed over to yen (thanks for that headache, Dad :P) and didn't have to pay a fee like I thought, so I got a decent amount for it~

I stopped by Kinokuniya in Shinjuku, though, to see what the *pnish* DVD display looked like, though, and was...disappointed XD I did find it, or what was supposed to be it I believe--there was a "plays" DVD section, and under it was a lovely little shelf dedicated entirely to new releases. Except the ONLY DVD there (literally the only one, there weren't any others up)...was Ayakashi Kitan XD;;; Where were all the others?! I could've asked, but bah, I was late anyways :P

Mayhaps they're just not finished setting up the display yet, and only put the one up there in case people came by looking for *pnish* stuff (so they'd know *pnish* stuff was in stock and could just ask)? Today was the first day they were supposed to be available, so who knows...
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hurrhurrrrr~ :D

In other news, *pnish* interview today!! :OOOOOO I think I am going to pay out the wazoo for magazines this month and next, yes I do!


Feb. 18th, 2010 12:51 pm
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Oh Eiji.

"So is it Tsuchiya-san or Sano-san who's got just their leg sticking out over there?"

...If Daiki's somehow become THAT limber in the past few months, I'll eat my Room tickets.

Also, seriously guys? XD TWO DAYS of rehearsals for this event? You're gonna be okay?!
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Before there was, there was

And before there was that, there was...


Oh you know you wanna see what goodies I dug up without having to go through all that crap, right? )


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