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This is going to be my new sticky post at the top of my LJ for anyone who wanders here invited or otherwise so that they can see what I'm into, why I'm into it, and subsequently beg to be my new disciple so that I can further educate them in the ways of Becoming a Better Fan of Court's Fandoms. You know you want to, so get ready!

Tsuchiya Yuuichi and Nagayama Takashi. Not characters, these are real people. Two Japanese actors who live and work in Tokyo, Japan. Yes, that means this is RPS. No, we're not like those weird LOTR fangirls or whatever, I promise (no offense, LOTR fangirls 8D;;;) Yes, by the end of this section you'll be shipping them also. Get out while you still can *CLINGS SO YOU CAN'T LEAVE MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA*. In all seriousness, though, this RPS to me doesn't even deserve to be considered RPS. This isn't slashing to those of us who've been here a while--slashing is seeing two guys together, thinking they'd make a cute pair, and imagining it. To us, this is invested observation--watching over the lives of these two men who are, for all appearances, a couple. This is, to us, no more RPS than seeing two random guys walking down the street holding hands and thinking they look cute together.

This is Tsuchiya "Tuti" Yuuichi. Born February 6, 1979, Aquarius, Type O. He's an actor, he's loud and obnoxious to some, loud and entertaining to others, doesn't give a crap what you think but will gladly tell you his opinion on any subject. He hates demachi. He likes Antonio Banderas, the Simpsons, and curry. And flower-patterned anything. He's fucking hilarious. He is Your God. Related tags on my LJ: tuti, *pnish*

This is Nagayama "Nagayan" Takashi. Born November 11, 1978, Scorpio, Type A. He's an actor, cute and adorable to some, devious and charming to others, very much gives a crap what people think and sometimes gets moody over it. He would eat demachi with a spoon if it were a dessert and then order seconds. He likes pink, plaid, skull designs, and skull designs made of pink plaid. He's fucking Tutihilarious, also. He is Your God's Best Friend. Related tags on my LJ: nagayan, nagayan fc events, blossam

So, yeah, pretty much my OTP above all others. I'd say 60% of my time online is spent doing something related to this pair in some form or another. Whether it's posting meta/media to [livejournal.com profile] tutixnagayan, translating or fangirling on my personal LJ, or stalking other people's blogs looking for any of the above, these two guys are my LIFE. Everything else in my life? Was leading up to THEM. Yeah, it's RPS. Whoopdeefuckindoo. I'm am absolutely 100% seriously convinced there's more to these guys than meets the eye. And we've got craploads to prove it. Related tags on my LJ: 土永, yellow/pink, blossam&decossam, aru hi

Moriyama Eiji and Sano Daiki, two of the four members of the Tokyo theatre troupe *pnish* (which I'll talk more about later). More RPS, they take up probably 30% of my online time (which with the 60% TxN takes up, that doesn't leave time for much else 8DDDD).

Moriyama Eiji, born October 3, 1976, Libra, Type A. He's an actor, sexy and suave to some, goofy and sweet to others, who makes people think whatever he wants them to think, because he's Sexy-chan and no one can resist him (or so he's been led to believe). He's getting old and doesn't want anyone to know it, but he still kicks ass on stage and pulls his weight with the group (which, his waistline is another point of contention but we won't get into that *coughcough*). He likes alcohol, food of any sort, and being fuku-Leader to the best Leader ever. He has a large penis. Related tags on my LJ: *pnish*, morieiji

Sano Daiki, born January 22, 1979, Aquarius, Type O. He's an actor, innocent and adorable to some, otaku-crazy and super-dedicated to others, who will go Leadermode on your asses if you mess with him during crunch time (warning: do not mess with him during crunch time). He rarely acts his age, which is part of his charm and part of what annoys the hell out of people, but there's a reason he's *pnish*'s Leader and no one challenges him. He likes being an otaku, getting tongue-tied, and riding around on Moriyama-san. Which is the name of his bike, of course. He also likes touching his breasts. Related tags on my LJ: *pnish*, daiki, moriyama-gou

My OTP second only to Tuti/Nagayan, but one to which I am just as devoted and believe just as strongly. You cannot read their blog entries, see their interactions backstage, at events, on NaiPani and not realize that these two are so absolutely in love with each other it almost hurts thinking that there are two people out there so absolutely blatant in their affections. Feeding each other, touching and hugging and jumping on each other, blogs pics and high fives and kissy-faces and hand-holding and OH MY GOD PEOPLE I CAN'T STAND THEM. ARGH. They are a hundred times as blatant as Tuti and Nagayan and a hundred times less appreciated. Want to become my best friend ever? Tell me you want to ship them and ask me to show you more. I swear I'll cling to you like nothing else. They've got a comm @ [Bad username or site: morixdaiki> which is mostly meta, picspam, and fic XD Related tags on my LJ: <a href= @ livejournal.com]moridaiki, married, droom2, reverse historica

I thought after 1st cast, I was done with getting too attached to a TeniMyu cast, let alone really putting myself into caring about the relationships formed therein. Boy, was I wroooooong. It took 4 more casts, but finally...

This is Tsujimoto Yuuki. Born January 12, 1985, Capricorn, Type AB. He's been in the acting business since he was 10 years old, with some quite prestigious roles being tucked under his belt in the past few years, including performing with the theatre troupe *pnish* in their ninth performance Secret Box and landing the role of Oishi Shuuichiroh for the 5th Seigaku cast of Musical Tennis no Oujisama. He's a Kansai boy, born and bred in Osaka, Japan, and he looooooves him some Kansai-ben, as evidenced by his casual speech offstage being peppered with やs and ちゃうs and ほんまにs :D He's loves to ham it up in front of an audience, and oh, he's absolute best friends with...

Takasaki Shouta, born September 21, 1988, Virgo, Type A. He's a newbie actor (his very first role is the one he's still in at the moment, as Kikumaru Eiji for the 5th Seigaku cast of Musical Tennis no Oujisama) and it shows--painfully, at times. He's still learning how to speak in front of big groups without getting tongue-tied or overshadowed by bigger stage presences (like, oh, his best bud Tsuji up there, who probably exited the womb to great applause) and is adorable doing it. One of the greatest loves in his life is his little pooch Lati-kun, and the other is...

Well, duh. T2, TsujiTaka, 辻高, however you want to put it, this is what these boys are. A well-oiled, sharp-shooting duo (who more often than not form a trio with Baba Ryoma, as evidenced by their frequent field trips and parties just the three of them) who rarely leave each other's side. They've been thrust together in two private events so far and one group event with the above-mentioned Baba and two other castmates. They go to Starbucks together, they go shopping together, they get their hair done together, and as if that weren't enough, they've played lovers. No, not just a slashy pair, but the kind who get down and dirty together (one must wonder what those roles did for their relationship...!). They're at the very least incredibly close friends, and their interactions around each other are always adorable and intriguing and leaving you wondering what does Ueshima put in the coffee down there...? Related tags: 辻高, hard to hold, 5th cast, tsujimoto, takasaki

The Prince of Tennis Musicals. I was a huge fan of these when they first came out, coming into the fandom around fall of 2004 just as the first cast--my cast--was preparing to graduate and move on to bigger and better things.

First Cast, Old Cast, however you know them--these are the guys who changed my life, and I love them for it. I made so many friends, so many memories thanks to this musical, and I don't regret any of it. It's brought me where I am today--seriously, if I'd never found these guys, learned about them as real people, as actors, I would never have come to Japan, and my life would be vastly different. With their moving on from TeniMyu, I too moved on (though I occasionally come back and want to see a show at some point), but everything these shows embody has shaped who I am today. It brought me Tuti, Nagayan, Eiji, Daiki, *pnish*, BuriMyu--all of it I would never have known without this show. Thanks for the memories. Related tags on my LJ: tenimyu, translations, tsuika kouen, gradmyu, old cast

Rock Musical Bleach, or the musical that I only like for the songs and the cast, since I hate Bleach ♥ Yup, I got extremely bored with Bleach after about 15 or so episodes, and the only reason I even gave BuriMyu a try was because certain members of my beloved Old Cast were going to be in the show: Tuti, Nagayan, and Eiji most importantly.

THANK GOD I DID. Because while TeniMyu brought me this far, BuriMyu has kept me going ♥ BuriMyu opened my eyes to the world of Tokyo theatre when previously I'd really only been interested in Tuti, Nagayan, and Eiji. The huge cast of amazing actors and actresses has come so far, from its humble beginnings in Space Zero to its amazing conclusion in Shinjuku Koma (almost fitting that it began and ended in Shinjuku) March 2008. I've met even more amazing friends, become at least casual acquaintances with some of the actors, and started an amazing journey in my life here in Japan that I hope doesn't end any time soon. The songs? Amazing. The acting? Superb. The plot? WHO CARES 8DDDDD [livejournal.com profile] burimyu is the most popular BuriMyu comm on LJ, so SUCK ON THAT. Related tags in my LJ: burimyu, kittyguys

These guys...these four amazing gaysguys, what can I say about them?

Sano Daiki, Moriyama Eiji, Tsuchiya Yuuichi, Washio Noboru. From their humble beginnings in the late 90s when Daiki and Eiji first met, to their formal formation July 2001, to their 4th, 5th, 6th Ons and beyond, these guys can't really be called an "up and coming" theatre troupe any more, because they're crazy popular now. And for good reason--they're all hot, they're all talented, and they're the funniest, most amazingly charming guys you'll find over here. They're loyal, they're good friends, and just sfiuhsdiufhsliufhsiufhlsidfs another way to get me to be your best friend: ASK ME WHAT MAKES THEM SO AWESOME. Comm is @ [livejournal.com profile] pnish. Related tags on my LJ: *pnish*, naipani, picspam, screencaps, panisuta

HAHAHA. Nothing else. I have no more time. Okay so maybe I have time for a few other things. Other comms I'm fairly active on:
>>[livejournal.com profile] kittyguys - the 7-member theatre/dance group made up of the backup dancers from BuriMyu. Home of my future husband who I can't stand, Katou "Gaku" "Kill It With Fire" Manabu
>>[livejournal.com profile] dnangelfans - the best series ever. I'm so serious, I can't tell you how much this is my favorite series of all time.
>>[livejournal.com profile] golden_pair - I would say they got me into Tuti/Nagayan, but I really think I would've loved the guys anyways. These two just helped it go smoother and faster. They're like, the lube of Tuti/Nagayan.
>>[livejournal.com profile] kyou_kara_maou - Mmm...Yuuram. For serious, they're so disfunctional but there's so much love there eliwuehrfiuerwieurhlwe
>>[livejournal.com profile] harrydraco - How can anyone not see how amazing this couple is? God.
>>[livejournal.com profile] gankutsuou and [livejournal.com profile] downskutsuou - Take the former for an awesome amazing series, the latter for ALL THE CRACK AND AWESOMENESS LEFT OUT.
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