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Hibino and Rin are once again on their own, picking through the Amazon forest. Rin laments that they've been met with nothing but trouble this whole mission, and Hibino agrees that there seems to be something strange going on, especially with Shiraishi's sudden appearance. Rin doesn't understand what Shiraishi could have to do with anything, but Hibino gets a creeped out feeling from him, like he's hiding something. Rin admits that sometimes he doesn't know what the guy's thinking, but can't imagine that he's come here with anything other than pure intentions. Hibino presses his point home, though--there really is no reason for Shiraishi to have come all the way out here. Rin hesitantly agrees that Shiraishi usually doesn't come out to the mission locations himself.

What if, Hibino suggests, Shiraishi knew that Rin's armor wouldn't work for this mission? But--why would he keep something like that from Rin? Hibino doesn't know, but he's sure Shiraishi's hiding something. Before they can draw any conclusions, though, Rin's armor starts acting up again--meaning the stone's nearby! Hibino completely switches gears, intent on getting the stone now--it's their mission, after all.

Rin's armor is like their own personal Dragon Radar (another reference to Dragon Ball Z)--which prompts Rin to comment, "...You really are quite an otaku, huh?" Someone's coming, though, so they quickly hide--it's a band of natives, and they've got the stone!

Rin moves to run in and snatch it, but his armor's completely down now, and he can barely move. Hibino tells him to leave this to him--they look pretty simple-minded, he might be able to do something.

"Please give me that necklace," he steps forward saying, and amazingly enough, the natives do! "Thanks! You can run along now."

Rin's astounded--what the heck just happened? Hibino's just excited to finally have the Kuroma no Seiseki. Before Rin can ask about what just happened, though, someone else shows up: this time, it's Li. They offer him hesitant greetings, not eager to reveal the fact that they've got the stone now, especially with Rin in the state he's in.

Li immediately notices something's fishy with the two, and Rin tries to put him off, asking if he's found the treasure yet. Li replies that of course he hasn't--if it could be found so easily he wouldn't be working this hard to find it. He laments again the fact that he had it in his own two hands, and Rin jokes that he's pretty short-sighted, huh. Not too fond of being made fun of, Li tells him to shut up, then elbows him in the stomach.

Li pays them a little more attention seeing Rin hurting from the hit, and comments on how high-strung he seems to be; did something happen? Of course not, Rin replies, he's just not feeling very calm right now. He tells Li to go search for the treasure somewhere else, wary of Li's wandering eyes sizing him up. When he makes no move to leave, Hibino suggests that they leave, and search for the treasure somewhere else. This might have worked had Rin been able to move any.

Li realizes here that Rin's armor is malfunctioning again. Rin tries to explain that that's not the case at all, his armor's working just fine. If that's true, Li reasons, then he shouldn't be affected by his punches, right? Rin tries to keep up appearances, but gradually fails. Rushing to help the fallen Rin, Hibino reveals that they've got the stone.

Rin starts to tell Hibino not to worry about him--but Hibino's already high-tailing it out of there, with Li hot on his heels. With the stone out of range, Rin's armor gets its power back. Meanwhile, Hibino manages to outrun Li, only to be caught by Randy.

Randy relieves him of the stone, but before he can escape with it, he runs into Li. Recognizing him as one of the people who was with Rin earlier, he introduces himself as Rin's assassin, stating he has no mission other than that. Li suggests he leave the stone, then, and go off and take care of Rin.

"That's pretty harsh for someone who's Amanai's friend." Randy is confused, but asks that Li answer one question as Amanai's friend. Li tells him not to get the wrong idea--he's not Rin's friend. Randy presses, isn't he a member of the Braiant Company? No, Li responds, he's a free treasure hunter, and thus an enemy of the Braiant Company.

This is perfect for Randy, he says. "Why are they being targeted, then?" Li says it's obvious--Randy's the one targeting them, he should know. But Randy explains he simply was hired to do the job. Li continues on saying that if Randy himself, who took the mission, doesn't know, then how can he expect Li to?

The two start to fight, and Randy is firm in his refusal to give over the stone--he's going to use it to force Rin to fight him, so until that happens, he's not giving it to anyone. Li isn't going to give up so easily, though, and Randy eventually agrees to give it to Li if he can take it from him after a fair fight. They'll stand back to back, and after taking five steps, the first to reach the necklace where it sits on the floor shall win it.

Li agrees, and the count starts. But of course, it can't go that easily--and Wanizuka shows up, nabs the necklace while the two are occupied, and dashes away with it.

Elsewhere, Hibino finally comes to, and stomps off into the forest, frustrated with himself. But his pout is interrupted by Banazatto and his band of natives. Thinking they just want the necklace back, he tries to convince them that he no longer has it, but to no avail. Unprotected, Hibino is carried off by them.

Rin is searching for his partner in the meantime, and runs into Wanizuka, who hastily hides the necklace he just stole from Li and Randy. He asks Wanizuka if he's seen Hibino, but he hasn't. As Rin passes him by to continue his search, the power from the stone hidden in Wanizuka's pocket saps the energy from his armor, and he realizes immediately why.

When he tries to take the necklace back, Wanizuka explains that it's a special symbol of the bonds between himself and Banazatto, he can't let anyone else have it. Rin eventually triumphs over him, though, and nabs the stone. But as bad luck would have it, it triggers the strange memory again. Wanizuka tries to calm him, but it winds up being the mysterious man in black who eventually stops it, relieving him of the stone in the process. He escapes with it easily, and Rin is back at square one.

Wanizuka complains that Rin let the stone get stolen, and Rin defensively returns that it's because his armor's not working. Wanizuka isn't so sure his armor's the only problem--what was with that outburst just now? Rin explains that even he doesn't know what's going on really. Wanizuka remarks that nothing like that ever happened when they were running around together--maybe he's just overworking himself.

Wanizuka takes a breath, then announces that he's going to team up with Rin again like old times. Rin's confused, but Wanizuka presses that Rin needs his strength. "Hey--it's not that you're strong, it's just that I'm weak right now!" Rin tries to reason, but Wanizuka won't hear any of it. Luckily enough for Rin, though, his armor snaps back to normal with the stone further away now.

"You've...really gotten weak, haven't you?"

Wanizuka rambles on about how weak Rin is now, working for a treasure hunting company. Relying on things like armor to protect him or give him strength, he's lost his thrill of the hunt. He even said earlier that he was feeling tired--when they were together, no matter how tough the mission, Rin never complained about feeling tired or anything.

Rin explains that having fun alone won't get you anywhere in life. Wanizuka pulls out a card, and thrusts it in Rin's hand--the hand-made treasure hunter license card he and Rin made when they were together. Wanizuka reminisces fondly, how every day was an adventure, how exciting it was running around together. Then Rin went and joined up with some weird company, and started taking orders, running all around looking for treasure, and worrying about nothing but his precious rank.

"Are you really having fun right now? Really? ...Then try and remember--just what you became a treasure hunter for in the first place! To make money? To get famous? It was none of that, was it? All we wanted to do was go on adventures, didn't we? We can still get our hands on it--that great adventure that'll make our hearts pound. Let's team up again, and get that great treasure!"

Though he'd never let it show, Rin's touched by Wanizuka's speech, and eventually reluctantly agrees, saying that it's just too much of a pain for him to get the treasure by himself this time. But it's just for now, Rin makes sure he knows--once they get the treasure for themselves, they'll have to settle who'll actually be able to keep it. Wanizuka agrees, and the two are off.

Meanwhile, Randy and Li are still looking for Wanizuka, at a temporary truce, which doesn't last more than a few seconds, and then they're back to fighting. Randy reminds him that even if they do find the treasure, he's keeping it for himself. Li replies that he'll just make sure he's the first to find it, then.

Randy, though, is less than impressed: "Bye-bye! Bye-bye forever!" And he's off. Li is about to chase after him, when Shiraishi shows up, asking him for a moment of his time. After ascertaining that he is in fact Li Shinsei, Shiraishi introduces himself as the head of the Braiant Company. They're both familiar with the other's accomplishments, and Li takes the opportunity to press Shiraishi for information on Kazakiri--as the head of the Braiant company, he should know all about him.

Instead of replying, though, Shiraishi invites Li to contract with the Braiant Company, adding that it could prove very profitable for the both of them based on Li's abilities. Li handily refuses--he's not after money. All he wants is information on Kazakiri. The two scuffle, but Li's still not a match for Shiraishi. He compliments Li on his sword skills, but adds that it's not quite up to Kazakiri's level.

He warns Li, as the man in black did before--don't delve into matters regarding Kazakiri any deeper than he already has. Shiraishi explains that he understands the desire for revenge, but if he lets himself get caught up in those feelings, he might end up like his brother, and that just wouldn't be any fun. He once again invites Li to stop this revenge trek, and join up with the Braiant Company.

Li voices his suspicions, and asks Shiraishi if he himself is Kazakiri Yahiro. He has to be--or else how would he know about his brother? Shiraishi neither confirms nor denies the accusation, asking him what he'd do if that were true. The two battle again, and Li is defeated just as before. Shiraishi reminds him that he still isn't up to Kazakiri Yahiro's level.

Just as he's about to deliver a finishing blow, the man in black shows up again. "I told you the same thing--you'll lose your life if you keep chasing after Kazakiri Yahiro."

Shiraishi whines that he'd said he'd handle it, and the man pulls out the stone, revealing that he simply came to return this. With excellent timing as usual, Wanizuka and Rin show up at this point. Rin's confused--why is Shiraishi fighting against Li, and with the strange man in black from before?!

Before he can ask any questions, though, the man in black runs off. Rin hobbles over, asking what just happened, and Shiraishi informs him that they're all leaving now--they've gotten the stone, and their mission is over. The Braiant Company will take credit, unfortunately depriving Rin of the boost he needed to raise his rank.

Rin interjects that this was his mission--why did Shiraishi take the stone? Shiraishi reminds him that the mission is over, there's no need for him to get involved any more. Rin realizes that, as far as the company is concerned, it doesn't matter who gets the treasure as long as someone gets it, but Rin needed this for his rank! Shiraishi then agrees to make it so that Rin found the treasure, thus solving that problem.

"I knew it...something's going on..." Shiraishi coming all the way here for no reason, getting the treasure himself, and then just saying he'd give it to Rin? Something's definitely going on. He still doesn't even know who that man was--he interefered with his mission and everything! Why is Shiraishi with someone who would do that?!

Shiraishi says nothing, but Li knows he's hiding something--something about Kazakiri Yahiro. Shiraishi explains there's nothing going on, it's just a misunderstanding. Rin is still convinced that there's something strange going on, though--and Randy agrees with him, as he announces upon entrance.

Randy refuses to let them leave until his own mission is complete, and berates Shiraishi for constantly interfering with him. Why would he interfere with Randy, when he's the one who ordered Randy to assassinate Rin in the first place?!

Shiraishi is confused, what's the meaning of this? Randy elaborates that, technically, it was the Braiant Company that contracted him, but there's no way the head of the company could be ignorant of this.

Rin realizes then why Shiraishi came--to make sure that Randy completed his mission and took him out. Randy's furious, "You mean you doubted my skills?!" Rin, however, still can't understand why the Braiant Company would want him dead--does this...have something to do with these memories that keep plaguing him?

Shiraishi suggests they all just leave now, but Rin will have none of it--he'll fight Shiraishi if it comes down to it. "Do you really think that you, an A-rank, can defeat an S-rank like me?" Rin replies that he won't know unless he tries, and with that it's four-on-one, as Li, Wanizuka, and Randy all join in on the fight. Wanizuka's just glad Rin's finally realized what entering that company's done to him. Li replies he simply wants information on Kazakiri. Randy explains that he hates being played for a fool, as he has been by Shiraishi, plus he owes Rin for saving him before.

After a long fight in which the guys wind up hitting each other more than Shiraishi, the company head obviously has the upper hand. With everyone else out, Wanizuka is left alone to stand against Shiraishi. He tries to fire off a Wild Ball, but fails, and then suddenly feels a strange surge of energy--something's coming!

It's the huge rolling stone from before--and pushing it are Akakage, Aokage, and Kiikage! Randy's ecstatic to have his underlings back. Rin turns up the juice on his Active Armor, and lifts the stone into the air. Tossing it, Randy and the others push it over Shiraishi, and after a final kick from Li, a Wild Punch from Wanizuka, and a jab to the stomach by Rin, Shiraishi is down for the count. They won!

But there isn't much time to celebrate--as Rin's armor goes down again. This time, though, it's due to using up so much energy fighting Shiraishi. Wanizuka suggests they all head off after the man in black to get back the stone.

"There's no need for that!" a voice calls out from the forest--it's Hibino, and he's got the stone! Everyone congratulates him on a job well done, but Hibino's not handing over the stone, he says--the stone is his. Wanizuka wonders if the heat's gotten to his head, but Hibino says the actions of a genius would appear crazy to the average person. Rin wonders if he was in league with the man in black, and when Hibino denies this Li presses, "Then why do you have that thing?"

Hibino says he merely bumped into the man in black earlier, and relieved him of the stone, taking care of him in the process. Li has a hard time believing that someone like Hibino could take on that man, but Hibino clarifies that he was a bit outnumbered--and a group of natives appears.

The natives are a simple people, he explains, so he was easily able to control them--through telepathy. He thanks them all for their hard work thus far, after all--they took care of his greatest enemy in Shiraishi!

Shiraishi was just trying to protect them, he explains. Rin can't believe it--he was hiding things from Rin! He then realizes that because Shiraishi knew about the stone, this was why he didn't wear any Active Armor when he arrived.

Hibino goes on to say he was really nervous when Shiraishi arrived--he was sure his true form had been found out. So, Shiraishi really was hiding something from Rin?

"Within the Braiant Company...there is a secret door, which must never be opened. And Shiraishi is desperate to keep it closed."

Li jumps in--does this have anything to do with Kazakiri, then? Indeed it does! Because... "That secret door...lies within you, Amanai Rin. And in order to open that door, I've come up with this plan." He had to lure Rin to the Amazon to open the door, so he had him put on the mission to retrieve the Kuroma no Seiseki. Then, to drive him into a corner, he hired an assassin--Hibino was the Braiant Company member who hired Randy.

Rin can't understand why Hibino would go through such a complicated route to bring him here--what's his true motive?! Hibino explains that he'd love to tell him, but the audience here is too great. He beckons Rin to follow him elsewhere--and Rin alone. The others he leaves to be handled by the natives. Li isn't about to let him go alone, though--he has to know about Kazakiri. They leave Randy and Wanizuka to the natives, following Hibino.

Wanizuka leads half of their attackers off, and leaves the other half to Randy, who pulls some questionable ninja moves, but wins in the end. Wanizuka is stuck battling Banazatto, however. He laments that he knew one day he would have to surpass his master, but hadn't thought it would come so soon. After a another failed Wild Ball, he proceeds to lose spectacularly. Just as Banazatto is about to deliver the finishing blow, though...

Looks like Banazatto isn't feeling too well--which is to be expected, from all the rotten food he'd been eating earlier! "Master...I'm going to surpass you now!"

Accepting defeat (and a good bit of humiliation too, I imagine), Banazatto flees, presumably to use the bathroom.

We come back to Hibino, who's got Rin and Li hot on his heels. Li demands an explanation, and Hibino says he really has no interest in Li whatsoever. Li won't be put off so easily, though, and demands he tell him where Kazakiri Yahiro is.

"He's here. Right by you."

Kazakiri is...Hibino?

"Right? Kazakiri-san?" Hibino continues, glancing over at Rin. "What, you still don't remember? Guess it can't be helped--" Hibino uses his powers to call up the memory again, but this time it's full and complete rather than broken and scattered as before.

Rin collapses to the floor--and remembers. "This is...my memory..." Li demands to know what just happened, and Hibino explains with great glee.

Kazakiri Yahiro was an experimental figure that Hibino requested be made by the Braiant Company. With Hibino's power, he stimulated Rin's brain and pulled out all his potential. A man-made Rank-S treasure hunter--that is Kazakiri Yahiro! But he was a very unstable experiment--with just the slightest impetus, he'd go wild, and it was during one of these episodes that he ran into Li's brother.

But the Braiant Company turned on Hibino and his experiment, trying to kill him. Nevertheless, Hibino managed to escape, and with his facial features changed beyond recognition by the wounds he received from the escape, he entered the Braiant Company once more, intent on releasing Kazakiri Yahiro's power once more and making it his own. With this thought in mind, he got close to Rin, all to get revenge on the Braiant Company.

He turns to Li--what's he going to do now? Kill Rin? Kill Kazakiri? "My brother's enemy...was you, Amanai?"

Rin doesn't know what to do, what to say. "You...said so before, didn't you... That no matter who it was, if anyone got in the way of your revenge...you'd take them down. And it was me...it's not like I had any choice--I mean, I...I... I'm Kazakiri Yahiro himself, the man who killed your brother...!"

Li doesn't know what to do, torn. Rin is firm in his own belief of what should happen, though, "For every action there has to be retribution... So this time, I'll... I'll be taken down...by you."

Hibino, though, doesn't plan to let that happen--he can't let Rin die after coming this far, he and Rin are going to make a new world together. Using his powers, he takes control of Rin, and orders him to kill Li. "Amanai!" Li calls out, clawing at the hand wrapped around his throat now.

"I am...Kazakiri Yahiro--the ultimate treasure hunter!"

Li reflects that he never would have thought what he was seeking could have been right there in front of him the whole time. He tries to attack Hibino, seeing him as an enemy now as well, but Rin grabs him and holds him back. The pair exchange blows, before Li eventually gets the upperhand--but can't bring himself to actually harm Rin. Hibino orders Rin to finish him off--when who should show up but Randy and Wanizuka to the rescue!

Randy tries to rouse Rin back to his senses, but it's not much use. Hibino is furious, and orders Rin to take care of them, but he's surrounded. With little choice, he tells the trio that it won't be him they're fighting...but themselves!

Figures appear from the mist then--Banazatto, Randy's trio, and then the voice of Li's own brother. Hibino explains that they'll be fighting traumatic experiences within their own heads. The Kuroma no Seiseki is giving him more power than usual.

Rin begs him to quit--to which Hibino replies he will, if Rin agrees to become Kazakiri and aid him in his revenge. Rin doesn't want to kill anyone else, though, but Hibino explains, "But you asked for Kazakiri's power yourself, though! Oh don't tell me--you forgot that, too? You wanted power, and signed up for the Kazakiri experiment yourself."

No, Rin protests--he didn't want this kind of power! Hibino conjures up Shiraishi--"This...is the power you wanted!" Everyone is suffering at the hands of their respective illusions, and just as they're about to go under...

...the man in black shows back up! "Don't give up, til the very end! You won't get the true treasure unless you don't give up til the very end. I thought I taught you that!"

And the man in black is revealed to be...Li's brother! Hibino now remembers why he'd thought he seemed so familiar before--so, he lived! He got surprised by Hibino before, but he was read and willing to fight now.
Hibino calls Kazakiri back into action, and Rin writhes in conflict on the floor before eventually rising and taking everyone on. Off to the side, Li's brother cocks a pistol, prompting Li to ask what he's doing. "I was told to take down Amanai if it came to it." Li tries to stop him--he's not Kazakiri! He's Amanai Rin!

Randy agrees, stating that Rin's simply being used right now--this is the man who saved his life, he wouldn't recklessly take anyone's. Li's brother presses that within Amanai sleeps a great power, and if he doesn't control it, someone else will. People like that can't be allowed to live.

Wanizuka jumps in, trying to snap Rin back to normal with reminders of their time together. "Weren't we going to go off on a new adventure together?!" He pulls out the license card again, hoping it will jog Rin's memory.

With a new power surge from Hibino, though, it's no use. But Rin turns on Hibino when he gets close, "I am... I am... I am Amanai Rin!" And Hibino is down for the count..or a count of a few seconds. He tries to use the stone to bring Rin back under his control, but the power backfires, and the natives and underlings show up again, surrounding him. Rin urges him to drop the stone, it's what's controlling them now--but Hibino refuses.

Rin jumps in and pulls him out, scattering their attackers, and a loud echo shakes the room--an earthquake! The others move to escape, but Rin refuses to leave Hibino there alone, and with the assurance, "We're the Golden Combi, right?" he lifts Hibino up and drags him out.

Everyone manages to escape safely thanks to a passageway pointed out by Banazatto, who now has new respect for Wanizuka after having lost to him (plus he wants him to teach Banazatto that "special technique").

Li's brother finally explains how he managed to leave--after being saved by the Braiant Company, he now works to repay that favor under Shiraishi. Li's ticked he never let him know anything about what happened, how much grief he had to go through, and his brother apologizes--his whereabouts had to be kept secret along with information on the Kazakiri project.

Shiraishi pops out of the forest to shed some more light, saying it was mostly Li's brother's own request to keep the information from him. Randy and Wanizuka apologize for mistaking him earlier, explaining it was Rin's fault--which leads Shiraishi to wonder just where Rin is exactly.

Rin pops out of the tunnel the others came through, with Hibino, and proceeds to profusely apologize to Shiraishi, who waves it off. But what of the Kuroma no Seiseki?

Li's brother points out that Rin destroyed it--along with all his memories of Kazakiri. He did so to save Hibino, and now all the power that he possessed as Kazakiri sleeps once more within him.

"You mean...you're going to forgive me, even though I'm Kazakiri?"

Forgive him? Li's brother doesn't know what he's talking about--after all, this is the first time he and Amanai Rin have met. Shiraishi's a little down because he seems to have done nothing but lose things this mission--he lost the stone, and he lost Rin's secret. Rin corrects him, saying he's gained a treasure in Hibino, who'll be sure to pay back for everything he's done. Hibino doesn't exactly like the sound of that, but Rin impresses it upon him.

Shiraishi suggests they discuss the details back at the main company headquarters, but Rin states that he won't be returning to the Braiant Company. He's realized with this mission that he enjoys the thrill of treasure hunting most of all, the enjoyment that comes from charging into dangerous situations and not knowing what's coming next, getting to meet new people. But so long as he's at the Braiant Company, he can't really experience those kinds of things.

Shiraishi understands, and tells Rin to walk the path of his own choosing--but the next time they meet, it'll be as rivals. Randy and his trio are off as well
(though he's sure to tell Rin to be sure and practice his transformation jutsu until the next time they meet).

Li's brother is about to be off, and bids him farewell, glad to see he's become a great treasure hunter and is more than capable of taking care of himself. As he walks away, he suggests, "How about you hang onto these good friends?"

Wanizuka states that he's going to be staying in the Amazon to continue teaching and learning from the natives. Rin laments, weren't they going to go off on an adventure together, but Wanizuka says to just let him know when he's found one, and he'll be over in a flash.

This leaves Rin and Li alone on stage together, each with nowhere to go really. "Friends...huh..." Li reflects, obviously not something he's used to having. He asks Rin if he isn't frustrated, losing the treasure and his rank with it. Rin says he is fine, actually--because he did get a treasure, just not the one he came for: all the friends he made searching for the stone.

"Hey everyone! See you later!"


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Otsukare~ for the long summary! I have not had the time to read it yet, but I`ll do eventually. XD I just passed by to let you know that the ON Vol. 5 DVD just arrives (please note at 9:15PM!!!) and that I`ll ship it out tomorrow. X3 To the address PayPal gave me, ne? ^^;;

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thank you!!! love your summary and hopefully, you will do more for the other plays as well.

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Thanks so much for that translation!!! (Actually summary/translation..) It's so frustrating to see what's going on, but not be able to understand but a few words. I couldn't catch half the stuff that was going on and sometimes I was just confused. Now I'm going to have to go back and watch it again so that I can catch all the things I missed before. Thank you again! And especially for it being so detailed, that's even better. :D

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Thanks so much! My Japanese is the bare minimum required to understand a plot, and pnish's usually have way too many twists and turns for me to catch everything, so this was extremely helpful. Do you have plans to do any pnish works?

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I'll be working on Panic Cafe next, likely--but it'll be another few weeks before I get around to it (end of school semester and all ^_^;;) I'm thrilled that this could let people understand their plays better, because they deserve more fans who really understand how talented they are *_____*

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I adore Panic Cafe! Course I just adore pnish. It'll be great to actually get all the jokes.

You're a beautiful person. Take all the time you need and thank you again.


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