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Amanai Rin, played by Sano Daiki

Li Shinsei, played by Moriyama Eiji

Wanizuka Takatora, played by Washio Noboru

Randy the Ninja, played by Tsuchiya Yuuichi

Shiraishi Juurou, played by Hirano Kunji

Hibino Shuuichi, played by Kujirai Kousuke

Banazatto played by Kida Tsuyoshi

A Man of Mystery, played by Oohashi Yumenori

Akakage played by Besshi Keiichi, Aokage, played by Nitta Hirokazu, and Kiikage, played by Kouga Atsushi

Miyabashi Daisuki
Morita Ryuu
Maedou Tomoaki
Nakagawa Hiroyuki

WARNING: This summary contains massive SPOILERS for the play Treasure Box.
Do NOT read if you do not want to be spoiled

Treasure Box is the seventh *pnish* performance, and was performed July 17th through the 23rd, 2006, in Space Zero.

Our play opens deep inside an ancient temple. Here we meet our main character, Amanai Rin (Sano Daiki). Rin is an A-rank treasure hunter for the Braiant Company, a company specializing in treasure recovery. Tagging along with him is Hibino Shuuichi (Kujirai Kousuke), his own personal cheering squad and self-proclaimed partner, dubbing his and Rin's combination as the "Golden Combi." Rin himself is less than fond of the overly clingy, touchy-feely Hibino, but puts up with his "partner" nonetheless.

Upon finding and obtaining the treasure they came for, they're quickly surrounded by rival treasure hunters seeking to deprive them of their hard-earned treasure. Rin, though, with his hi-tech armor that protects him from bullets and knives, and goggles that let him immediately assess any room he enters, is more than a match for their attackers, and puts up quite a fight. Just when he's about at his limit, though...

Fellow treasure hunter Li Shinsei (Moriyama Eiji), to the rescue! ...Right? Well, rescue might be too strong a word, as Li promptly smacks Rin across the back of the head, then snatches up the treasure for himself and goes to leave. The attackers turn on him, but are no more a match for Li than they were for Rin.

Just before he runs of with Rin's treasure, he suggests a trade with Rin--he'll be glad to give Rin the treasure back if he'll give Li information on Kazakiri Yahiro, an S-rank treasure hunter in the same treasure hunting company as Rin, the Braiant Company. They've obviously had this conversation before, as Rin reminds him he doesn't know anything about Kazakiri, he hasn't even met the guy. Li finds this hard to believe, since they're in the same company after all. Rin says all he knows is that there's a rumor going around that Kazakiri has ceased all treasure hunting operations.

Li makes his escape, taking the treasure and their pursuers with him, and leaving Rin and Hibino alone to lick their wounds. Hibino tries to comfort Rin, telling him they'll just have to try harder next time. Time is apparently not on their side, though, as a menacing sound echoes through the temple. Ala Indiana Jones, a huge boulder starts to make its way towards them, and the pair narrowly escape...!

Opening credits roll, and we're introduced to our entire cast.

After the credits, we see a dream that Rin has been plagued with lately, a man, bartering, "How about 2000?" and screaming. Rin wakes with a start from the dream, on his couch. With him is Shiraishi Juurou (Hirano Kunji), the head of the Braiant Company. He startles Rin, then offers Daiki some Bufferin to help, stating that it says it's 50% vegetable matter, so it's gotta be good for him.

Rin chides him for believing something even grade-schoolers wouldn't believe, then asks Shiraishi what he thinks he's doing breaking into someone's home. Shiraishi explains he was just bored, then Daiki's computer lets him know he's gotten a message, and Shiraishi goes to check it for him. Rin rushes in and snatches the computer away, checking to see what's come.

It's a message from the Braiant Company (Shiraishi's own!), and Rin's being instructed to look to Shiraishi for his next mission assignment. Rin, miffed, prods Shiraishi then. "You've got something to give me, don't you?" Shiraishi twigs, and pulls out the Bufferin again--not exactly what Rin meant, he wants the info for his next mission!

Shiraishi delivers and is about to leave, and then Rin remembers he had something he wanted to ask him--just what kind of a guy is Kazakiri Yahiro? Rin had heard only that he was an S-rank treasure hunter in the Braiant Company, like Shiraishi. Obviously hesitant, Shiraishi asks him why he's asking, to which Rin replies that he'd just run into Li on his previous mission, and thought to ask the next time he had a chance. Shiraishi understands, and says, "Well, you see that guy....I'll have to tell you about him some other time." Rin complains that he really doesn't understand Shiraishi at all. And he's always watching Rin really closely...

"Wait...what if he's...gay?!" After a little shaking and noting he'll have to watch himself more around Shiraishi, he takes out the information for his mission. "So this time my mission is to retrieve a power stone that sleeps deep within the Amazon...the Kuroma no Seiseki. Ooh...wait, Amazon? The Amazon?! That's where that guy...!!"

And with some awesome special effects works, Rin's in the Amazon! "Sooo, this is the Amazon, huh...I got here faster than I thought!" Just as he tries to regroup and figure out where to start searching, who should pop up out of the forest by Hibino! The Golden Combi is just about to set off searching, when a voice calls out to them.

It's Wanizuka Takatora (Washio Noboru)! (The wig, he explains, is to set the mood.......right) Wanizuka is an old friend of Rin's, he explains to Hibino. When Wanizuka asks who Hibino is, he introduces himself as Rin's partner--to which Wanizuka takes great offense. Rin dodges the question and instead asks how Wanizuka knew he'd be here--Mother Nature told him, he says. Wanizuka wants to catch up after four years, but Rin just wants to be on his way.

Rin explains he's on a very important mission for the Braiant Company, and when Wanizuka asks if he ever made it to the top rank in the company like he wanted, Rin smugly states that he's hanging on to his A-rank, which is right under the top rank of S. He invites Wanizuka to join him and become a proper treasure hunter in the company, too, but Wanizuka just looks him over and bemoans, "Man, you've really changed, Rin-chan!" (Rin very much does not like being called "Rin-chan")

Wanizuka proclaims that it's up to him now to test just how far Rin's come since their days together, and challenges him to a fight. Rin isn't phased in the least, and tells him he'd better not. Wanizuka can't believe what he's hearing--he claims he can't even sense one bit of Wild in Rin ("Wild" is like a power measurement--and yes, it's supposed to be like "going wild"). Wanizuka himself has a Wild level of 100,000,000. Rin blows him off here, and heads off to hunt down the stone.

Wanizuka will have none of it, and says if Rin is set on leaving, then he must first defeat him. Rin tries to explain that their levels are too different now--the knife Wanizuka pulls out won't pass through his Active Armor. Wanizuka tries nevertheless, and when he of course fails, he tries to get Rin to be nice to him again, kindly offering him some anpan he picked up two months before. Rin tells him it's all spoiled and he'll get sick eating that, but Wanizuka claims that it's still very tasty, and true wild men don't worry about that sort of thing.

In the end, Wanizuka decides to team up with Rin and Hibino on their treasure hunt. Rin tells them of the stone they're looking for, to which Wanizuka replies, "Well, looks like I get to be of help right off the bat!" Rin's elated--does that mean he knows where it is? Of course not, Wanizuka answers, but he'll go ask for help.

Rin tells him that if he's gonna go around yelling like that and attracting dangerous animals, then they may as well split up. Wanizuka eventually agrees to follow Rin's example, but suggests they take a break and gather their energy first. Rin is about to tell him off for being lazy, when a sound startles him, and the trio quickly take cover.

Enter Banazatto (Kida Tsuyoshi), one of the natives of the Amazon.

Wanizuka, feeling a kind of connection to Banazatto as a fellow denizen of the forest, runs up to him and says hello. (Well, actually more like, "Hey brother!") Banazatto, however, is not one for niceties such as this, and calls out his fellow natives. The trio are forced to flee for their lives while Banazatto and his tribe pursue.

Meanwhile, a mysterious man in black shows up sneaking around. Who is he? For the answer to that we'll have to wait until later...

Rin, Hibino, and Wanizuka manage to escape the natives alive, and are now picking their way through the Amazon again. Rin berates Wanizuka for bringing them into danger, to which he replies, "Now now, treasure hunting is a dangerous occupation!" Hibino calls Rin's attention to something in the darkness, pointing it out--a treasure box!

Rin dashes forward, eager to secure his A-rank status, but Wanizuka calls him back, warning him not to just barrel in--there are usually traps around places like this. Rin berates himself for getting caught up in the moment, and dons his goggles, assessing the room. When Wanizuka asks what he's doing, he says he's checking for high-tech laser traps (of course there aren't any of those in a place like this!).

In places like this, Wanizuka explains, you'll find things like poisonous snakes or giant stones rolling at you or--but the next part is cut off as he falls down a deep hole. Rin calls down asking if he's all right, to which Wanizuka says he is, but there are swarms of poisonous snakes there with him! And...apparently they're tasty, too? In typical Wanizuka style, he munches away on the snakes, even offering Rin one. Rin waves him off and continues on to the treasure...

...only to nearly be hit by a flying dagger. "So you're Amanai Rin, huh?" a voice calls--enter Randy the Ninja (any doubt as to his name can be cleared up by looking at the lettering on his chest). Randy (Tsuchiya Yuuichi) states that he has nothing against Rin, but requests that he give Randy his life (the Japanese here is very...awkward--likely because Randy is supposed to be Chinese, and on top of that he's a ninja, and uses very old, awkward phrases).

Rin is confused at the request, and asks if he's a treasure hunter, too. Randy strikes a pose and says nope, he's a NINJA! He then asks Rin if he's surprised at that--to which Rin replies it's just that he's too gaudy and loud to be a real ninja. This is obviously something of a sensistive subject for Randy, who slips into a spiel on What It Means To Be a Ninja.

Randy explains that he's not like other assassins, and can't stand those types who sneak around and hide in the dark shadows before pouncing. He prefers to take someone's life following a fair fight. Rin isn't too sure this will be a fair fight, and Randy tells him not to worry, that these guys will make sure it's all fair:

Enter Akakage, Aokage, and Kiikage (Besshi Keiichi, Nitta Hirokazu, and Kouga Atsushi), Randy's right-hand men. Rin butts in with the comment that they're all supposed to be in black, they're all too flashy, and Randy snaps again. "Saying that 'ninja' equals 'shadow' and 'ninja' equals 'boring'...I can't staaaand thaaaat!!!" From now on, ninjas should be all about showiness on the outside! He's going to start a revolution. He always believed that ninjas should be bright and cool, the kind of people that can be called heroes around the world.

Rin's done with this game, though, and goes to leave, but Randy's not through with him yet. "Wait right there, cowards!" Running away is cowardly, he says--if Rin's a man, he'll fight a fair fight with Randy then and there. Hibino jumps in, asking of because he's a ninja, does that mean he knows ninpo and such? Of course he does! He offers to show them some, and calls out a levitation move.

Amazingly, though, (to Randy at least) Rin and Hibino dodge his attack. Randy compliments him for his skill at dodging his levitation attack. Next he'll show them a transformation jutsu! What is he transforming into?

Koizumi Jun'ichirou (the former Japanese Prime Minister, and a big Elvis fan)

Rin protests that he's not actually transforming, he's just imitating him. Randy takes deep offense, but agrees to show them another transformation. This time it's up to Rin to identify who it is, though. It winds up being Mei from "My Neighbor Totoro," as Hibino correctly guesses.

Rin claims that if that's all there was to transformation, then he can do it, too. Randy dares him to try--and Rin steps forward. Here he tries to do an imitation of Shinjou Tsuyoshi and the All Star Game incident involving a belt-buckle LED message to his fans (see here for details, and here is a video of the scene Rin imitates for comparison). Rin ultimately can't pull it off, though, and Randy actually feels bad for making him do it. (part of the problem also is that Daiki himself can't finish the joke because he starts laughing).

Randy hopes that with this Rin has seen what a great warrior he is and will accept his fate. Rin says yes, he understands very well, and will be going now. Randy and his underlings wish them well, "Please have a safe trip--oi, WAIT A MINUTE."

Randy obviously isn't going to be thrown off so easily, and Rin asks straightforward just why he's targetting him anyways. Randy responds that he's only doing as he was ordered. Rin asks who gave him the order--to which Randy replies that there's no way he can reveal the identity of whoever hired him. Rin then asks if they can put this off until later, being the very busy treasure hunter he is. Randy is having none of it though--and tells his underlings to get to work.

It's not exactly a fair fight, 3-on-1, but Rin manages to hold his ground--until suddenly all the power from his Active Armor disappears! Barely able to move, and without the protection the armor provided, he's not in a very good position to fight.

How fortunate, then, that Wanizuka chooses that opportunity to show up and save the day! He's ecstatic that there's a fight going on, and asks eagerly to join in. Randy doesn't like the odds now, and joins in himself. Rin warns him not to underestimate Randy, and Wanizuka takes the opportunity to use his newest move:

"People of the Earth, please grant me just a bit of your Wildness!" (This is another reference to the Dragonball Z Spirit Bomb, where a user asks the citizens of Earth to donate a bit of their energy to power the blast). Before he finishes the preparation, though, he gets knocked out by Randy's underlings.

With Wanizuka out, Rin is left defenseless with his armor still down--but luckily Li takes this opportunity to show up and save him. Again. After beating the underlings back, he notes, "Seems wherever you are, trouble's not far behind." (This is also a reference to Hibino's catchphrase, "Wherever there's Amanai, Hibino's not far behind!")

Apparently, though, Li's looking for the Kuroma no Seiseki, too--but this is something he's been looking for a long time.

Randy is not happy to have another person to get through to complete his mission, and demands to know who this is. Li introduces himself as an "acquaintance" of Rin's. Randy then introduces himself as a ninja here to kill Rin.

Li doesn't quite understand why Randy came all the way to the Amazon to do this, and Rin says he's probably just got too much time on his hands. Randy doesn't take kindly to being made fun of, though. Li can't understand why a company like the Braiant Company let someone like Rin come to the Amazon to try and get the Kuroma no Seiseki. When Rin asks what he means, Li retorts, "You mean, you came here without knowing anything?" and walks up to take the stone from its place. Rin jumps in front of him and states that the stone is his, and the two argue back and forth over it.

Randy gets frustrated being ignored, and reminds them that he is their opponent. In the ensuing fight, Li takes the opportunity to sneak in and get the stone for himself--only to find it's not there. He instantly suspects Rin of hiding it, but he's just as confused. Before the pair can determine what happened to the stone, another guest joins the party--Banazatto. Randy's less than thrilled at another opponent showing up, of course.

Banazatto says something, but no one can understand him--except for Wanizuka. He claims that they're connected by Wildness, and so they can understand each other's speech. Banazatto told them all to leave, that this was not their place to be, Wanizuka says. Banazatto jumps into the fray, and Rin's still plagued by unresponsive armor.

Wanizuka berates Banazatto for taking his role (the role of the wild guy), and everyone comes together to fight Banazatto, but no one is a match for him. Li suggests it might be best if they just make a run for it, which the others agree to, and everyone scatters save for Wanizuka.

Having been bested by Banazatto, Wanizuka decides to ask him if he'll take Wanizuka under his wing as a disciple, and starts calling him, "shishou" (a term for master/teacher, often used in reference to sumo wrestling coaches).

"You are Wildness within Wildness. Wait, no...no, that's not it. You're not just Wild--'Wild' is a word that was invented just for you! I'm begging you, please make me your disciple!"

Moved not so much by Wanizuka's words as by the apparently tasty smell of the rotten food sitting in his pockets, Banazatto eventually agrees, sealing their deal by giving Wanizuka the necklace he was wearing. Upon donning it, he can feel Banazatto's Wildness welling up inside of him and giving him strength. Wanizuka and Banazatto wander off together, and here the mysterious man in black shows up again.

Elsewhere, Hibino, Rin, and Li are now picking through the forest together. Along the way, Rin's armor has returned to its normal state. But...why? "That's probably the stone's influence," Li puts in. Rin's confused--what does his armor have to do with the stone? Li can't believe he even made it this far knowing so little--it's a power stone; it draws power from other things, including Rin's Active Armor.

Hibino then divines that that means they were near the stone earlier--because Rin's armor lost all its power. Rin then connects the dots and realizes his armor started going bad when they were fighting with Randy, and peaked at power loss when Banazatto showed up--meaning he had the stone.

Li overhears all this, and decides he'll be able to get the stone easily now--even when Rin objects and claims he's going to get the treasure this time, Li reminds him of his little armor problem.

It's here that Rin realizes just why Li wants the power stone--if he has it, then he can sap Kazakiri Yahiro's power and defeat him. Li confirms this--but, Rin queries, Kazakiri is an S-rank treasure hunter. Even with some power sapped by the stone, it'll still be hard to beat him. Li is unmoved, and states he'll defeat him, no matter what.

"Hey...why are you getting so worked up over someone like Kazakiri anyways? I don't think I've ever actually asked you--but, what is he to you?" Rin prods. Li avoids the question, turning it back on him and asking what good it would do to answer. Rin responds that he was wondering if there was something he might be able to do to help.

"...You'd fight someone from the same organization as you, for me? Don't be an idiot--you'd be more likely to wind up fighting against me anyways. If it comes to that...I'm taking you down."

Rin is so confused now, he'd thought they were getting along, but Li proclaims he won't tolerate anyone getting in the way of his revenge.

Apparently Li's older brother was killed by Kazakiri, it's revealed. His brother was a treasure hunter, and one time he tried to take a treasure from Kazakiri--and no one's seen him since. He reminds Rin that he doesn't need any help, he'll go off searching on his own. Rin stops him, though--

"If you leave, then who'll protect me?! Wanizuka's gone, and while that's not that big a deal--Hibino here's got zero fighting ability! You're the only one left for me to depend on!"

Li tells him not to get the wrong idea--Rin's nothing but a rival to him, one of the Braiant Company's men. He runs off, leaving Rin and Hibino's Golden Combi to trudge on. Rin decides they'll have to find the stone on their own, or risk Rin's rank dropping more.

Hibino reminds him that every time they get near Banazatto Rin's armor loses all its power--it's next to impossible to get the stone from him. He pulls out a canteen to get a drink of water, and Rin tells him to let him have a drink, too. Feeling playful, Hibino replies, "How about for 2,000?" (yen)

This phrase triggers the dream/memory from before, and Rin almost collapses from the attack. Worried, Hibino says he was just kidding, and pushes the canteen into Rin's hands, urging him to drink.

Rin is nevertheless unsettled, and relates the tale of his dreams to Hibino. He knows he's forgetting something, but still can't remember what it is. Something suddenly strikes his head, and he turns to find the man in black. He warns Rin not to try and remember too hard--some things are better off forgotten. He quickly disappears, and Hibino remarks that he seemed strangely familiar.

Before they can discuss the strange occurence further, though, a band of natives ambushes them. Among them, though, Rin notes a startlingly familiar figure--Wanizuka. With a quick greeting, he regales Rin of how he became Banazatto's student. Hibino reminds Rin that Banazatto was the one who had the stone.

Wary of anyone trying to get through him to Banazatto, Wanizuka challenges Rin once again, hyped up on power. Rin tries to fight back, but his armor's power suddenly fizzles out again. While Wanizuka sees his ability to beat the mess out of Rin now as a sign of his increase in power, Rin's not as happy about the situation.

However, he realizes the fact that his armor lost its power means that Banazatto must be nearby--but neither he nor Hibino can see him.

"People of the Earth, please grant me just a bit of your Wildness!" Wanizuka calls out again, but before he can fire off the Wild Ball, Randy shows up again and pushes him away, causing him to lose it. If anyone's to take out Rin, he says, it will be himself! Randy's underlings show up, and the fight really gets started. Wanizuka instructs the natives to enjoy themselves with Akakage, Aokage, and Kiikage, while he takes on Randy.

Randy admits that he seems different from before, and Wanizuka comments that he feels as if the necklace he's wearing is granting him power. At this, Rin and Hibino twig to the fact that Banazatto doesn't have the stone--it's in the necklace itself. They try convincing Wanizuka to give it over, but to no avail.

Hearing their discussion, though, Randy jumps in, knocks Wanizuka over, and relieves him of the stone, and thus his power. Rin complains that he wasn't here for the treasure--but Randy replies that as long as he has this, Rin has no choice but to fight with him, which will lead to Randy's mission completion.

Rin reminds him that they can't have a fair fight while his armor's malfunctioning--can't they just talk this out? Nope, Randy replies. And just as it seems Rin's going to have to fight even with his armor messing up...

Shiraishi comes to the rescue! Claiming he was worried for Rin's safety, he popped in to see how he was doing. In the ensuing fight, Shiraishi manages to deprive Randy of the necklace, to which Wanizuka jumps in saying that it's his. Shiraishi hands it over without a fight, and Wanizuka makes a run for it.

Rin complains that Shiraishi just lost them the treasure--to which Shiraishi replies he should have said so sooner, they'll just have to chase after it now.

Randy pushes himself up and gripes at Shiraishi for making a fool out of him--who does he think he is? Shiraishi returns the question without answering it, and Rin retorts, "Koizumi Jun'ichirou" (the prime minister Randy "transformed" into earlier). While Randy is touched Rin was fooled, he quickly corrects that he is a NINJA!

Shiraishi is amazed, complimenting Randy left and right on his wonderful fighting skill, and asks what has brought him to the Amazon. Randy replies that he's there to kill Rin. "Oh, is that so? You came all the way to the Amazon just for our Amanai? Oh, I'm so sorry--that must've been tough for you." Randy replies that no, no, it was no trouble at all--it's work, after all. Shiraishi continues to apologize, announcing that he is Rin's boss, Shiraishi Juurou, and hands Randy his card.

Rin can't believe what he's witnessing--Wanizuka's getting away and they're exchanging business cards?!

Suddenly, the power returns to his armor, and Rin urges Shiraishi to come with them. After quickly taking care of Randy and his underlings, he's about to deliver the final blow to take out Randy, when Rin jumps in and stops him.

Why did Rin stop him, Shiraishi asks. Randy was trying to kill him, right? Rin tells him it's going too far, but Randy says if he's going to kill him, go ahead and do it, it's too humiliating. Shiraishi lets up, and compliments Randy again, telling him he's got real talent--won't he join their company? He's confident Randy could quickly rise to become a Rank S treasure hunter.

When Randy sees the card, though, he's confused--the Braiant Company? Why is a Braiant Company member interfering with his mission? After all, Randy is the Braiant Company's cli--cli--he can't bring himself to say it (he's trying to say "client"). Randy tells his underlings they're pulling back, and flees.

Rin proceeds to profusely thank Shiraishi for his assistance, but is still confused as to why Shiraishi is there. Shiraishi explains he was just passing by and got worried for Rin. While they're talking, though, the natives show up again, this time rolling a huge boulder with them. Shiraishi explains that with Rin's Active Armor, he should have no trouble pushing back that stone--which makes Rin wonder why Shiraishi isn't wearing any armor. After all, it's part of the Braiant Company treasure hunting uniform, and essential to their missions. Shiraishi says it's too hot for armor.

They decide to make a break for it...and run into the audience (or as they see it: a room full of natives). Shiraishi proceeds to interpret what the natives on stage are saying--they're going to throw the stone into the audience and are counting on their fellow "natives" to push it towards the trio. The audience complies, and they flee while Shiraishi gives a running commentary.

In the end, though, they manage to escape, and it's up to Rin to use his armor power to push the ball away. Shiraishi complains he's gotten thirsty from the exertion, and leaves Hibino and Rin to do the rest. Rin succeeds with the help of his armor in the end.

Watching them from afar is Randy. Still confused from the meeting with Shiraishi before, he's quite surprised when Akakage pops out from beneath him to brief him on the other kages' status. Upon doing so, Randy tells him to rest up for their mission, but...Akakage is stuck. Randy helps him out, telling him to come in normally next time. Akakage apologizes, calling Randy by his real name (go figure--it's not Randy!) and gets told off for this, too.

Randy looks at the card he was given once again. Shiraishi Juurou--Rin's boss, and currently the head of the Braiant Company. That means there's no way he couldn't know about Randy and his underlings and their mission. He throws a fit, and is only snapped out of it when Akakage punches him in the face. He forgets who he is for a moment before Akakage reminds him that he is Randy, a ninja. Randy orders Akakage to go rest up, while he himself goes out for a little recon work.

We come back to find Li is still looking for Banazatto and the stone. Out of the shadows from behind him comes the mysterious man in black, ordering Li not to look at him. Upon ascertaining that this is indeed Li Shinsei, he states that he's come to warn him--forget about the treasure, and leave this place at once. With Li there, it's a lot more trouble than the man in black is looking for.

Li states that he follows no one's orders but is own--he's here for his own reasons. "Kazakiri, huh?" He says he'll warn him just once more--if Li delves too deeply into the Kazakiri file, he's going to lose his life. Li turns, asking if he's got information on Kazakiri, but the man in black flees.

Though he loses the man in black, he then runs into Wanizuka. Wanizuka's ready for a fight--but Li just wants to continue searching for the stone. He proclaims that he became Banazatto's student to protect this land. Li questions Wanizuka--why is he teaming up with the natives if he's a friend of Rin's? Apparently it's all a matter of following the Wildness.

Wait, a student of Banazatto's? Perfect timing then--Li needs a favor. He...wants to become Banazatto's student, too! Wanizuka remembers he's seen Li before, and warns him it's tough being Banazatto's student, you've gotta have at least a Wild level of 100,000,000 to bear it--and unfortunately he doesn't sense that in Li.

Li replies that he simply wants to meet Banazatto, and Wanizuka eventually agrees, pulling out a rotten hamburger. This calls out Banazatto of course, whose actions upon arrival make Li wonder if he's even a sentient being. Li takes out Wanizuka easily and tries speaking to Banazatto, but of course none of his words make sense--so he orders Wanizuka to translate. He tells him he was just using him to get to Banazatto, who holds the treasure he's been searching for. So if he values his life at all--he'll tell Banazatto to give him the treasure.

Wanizuka does, and Banazatto turns his back on him. He then says this means he agrees, which Li doesn't believe. Wanizuka tries again, and this time Banazatto shakes his head no, which Li reads as a refusal. Wanizuka says that here, shaking one's head means "okay."

To save Banazatto, and his training, Wanizuka tells Li that he's got the treasure--it's in the necklace he's wearing. Li sees this as yet another lie, and tosses the necklace off a cliff, leaving both Wanizuka and Banazatto crying after it.

Here Rin and Hibino show up, happy to have finally tracked down Wanizuka. "Ooh, good timing, you're here to save me, my friend!" Quite a turnaround in greetings from the last time they met!

Li warns Rin to stay out of his way, he's taking the treasure this time--Banazatto's got it, and he's taking it!

Rin and Hibino break into laughter--idiot! Doesn't Li know that Wanizuka's the one who actually has the treasure? He's wearing it! He prods Wanizuka to give him the necklace, to which he replies that he can't, because he doesn't have it anymore. When Rin asks where it is, he replies he gave it to Li.

"Wait, so that necklace Wanizuka was wearing was really the Kuroma no Seiseki?!" Li still can't quite believe what he's done. Rin tells him to hand it over--and Li replies, "...I threw it away."

"...Threw what away?" Rin prods.

"...The Kuroma no Seiseki...over there."

Everyone dashes to the cliff, were Banazatto looks out forlornly, lamenting the loss of the stone. Rin begins to berate Li for throwing it away, and Li defensively retorts that no one could've been expected to know someone like Wanizuka had the treasure. Rin isn't buying it, though, and after calling him a few choice words (idiot and baldy), he and Hibino trudge back off to find the stone. Reluctantly, Li follows with them.

Wanizuka, though, must deal with an unhappy Banazatto. Angry with him for causing the stone to get lost, Banazatto tells Wanizuka he's not Wild at all. He went and just merrily gave away the precious necklace Banazatto had given him. Wanizuka vows to get the necklace back.

And again the mysterious man in black shows up. This time, though, Shiraishi is with him, asking what he's doing--didn't he order him to keep an eye on Amanai Rin? Because the man in black wasn't there, Shiraishi had to protect Rin himself, and reveal that he was in the Amazon. The man in black tells him not to get so worked up--he was taking care of other annoyances who were getting in their way. Shiraishi says he'll take care of Li, so long as he keeps an eye on Rin.

And, he adds, if anything should "happen" to Rin...he knows his mission. The man in black acknowledges this, and takes off.


Date: 2007-04-11 07:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ichigoxrenji.livejournal.com
a hundred thanks for the translation!!! i saw this already and though i could guess here and there, i was still pretty much in the dark. this really help me out. it was long but sooo worth it! i can't believe u actually took the time to do this for fans who can't understand (like me!). thank you so much!!!

Date: 2007-04-11 09:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lonanivymaeve.livejournal.com
ZOMG thank you so much for bringing light into the darkness
You are the best!


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