Mar. 14th, 2011

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Mostly updating here to keep my flist aware of my comings and goings, because they are oh-so-interesting :P

Woke up this morning with every intention of making my way to the station and trying to catch one of the few trains running out to Itabashi for work, buuuuut about a half hour before I was going to leave, my boss emailed me and cautioned that there were going to be scheduled blackouts throughout the day (though none in the 23 wards for the most part) and it might be a good idea to reconsider coming in--which I was only too happy to do XD;

I kind of think I should've gone, just to be around people, but I spent the day doing some work, chatting with friends, and watching the ever-unchanging news so...I dunno if it was a day well spent necessarily :P Just got off the phone with my boss, though, and I won't be going in tomorrow either (he told me I was welcome to go in and clean up...I declined :P), so it's another work-from-home day. At least I have something to distract me!

I'm about to upload the MahaMo subs to [ profile] tutixnagayan and then go to bed XD; This day has been far too long, as have the past few...


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