Mar. 10th, 2011

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Eeee I am happy. HAPPY I TELL YOU :D

So I've long, long bemoaned the fact that there are no real grocery stores near me. There's a 100-yen Lawsons that has most of the food essentials I need (even some good simple cuts of meat, like chicken sasami), and there's a slightly bigger drugstore-type place near Higashi-Shinjuku station that has a great selection of all the non-food essentials (laundry detergents, dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, bath stuff, ROACH SPRAY YAY). Any other "big items" that I might want, or extravagances that Lawsons didn't carry I had to order online: either from Seiyu (a Japanese online grocer that stocks most major food items) or FBC (the Foreign Buyer's Club, for when I got desperate and just NEEDED some not-available-in-Japan stuff). These items weren't really expensive (well, FBC kinda is...but that's to be expected), but it's kind of a pain to have to wait 2-3 days or more for groceries I want now *doesn't plan ahead well*

That all changed yesterday :3

Yes, I suck. I suck so hard I failed to realize for two and a half years that the main branch of a very successful high-end grocery store was literally right around the corner from Higashi-Shinjuku station.

This place It's two stories, with the first floor being the entrance/checkout area plus a bakery (yes, a bakery with fresh bread, sweet pastries, all that good stuff) and all the fruits and vegetables--including POTATOES. And I don't mean the dinky little smaller-than-your-fist three or four-to-a-bag potatoes you get at Lawsons, but real MAN-SIZED potatoes perfect for making baked potatoes with! HUZZAH!

Second floor is well, everything else *____* dairy (including a huge island in the middle of all sorts of cheeses and butter and make-your-own pizza toppings including a pizza crust), meat (and LOTS OF MEAT, not just a few chicken breasts and some bacon, but KOBE BEEF and STEAKS and SUSHI and ALL SORTS OF FISH and LIVE SHRIMP and sure I don't like seafood but I'm just kind of BOGGLING at the selection), plus PASTAAAAA and not just pasta but like, RAGU PASTA SAUCE (including one of the things I always had to get expensive shipped from FBC, ALFREDO SAUCE), plus GNOCCHI (another thing I had to get from FBC, cause what Japanese grocer has fricking gnocchi?!) and OLD EL PASO TACO MAKING STUFF, including taco shells and taco sauce and FLOUR TORTILLAS and salsa sdliufhsldfs I'm in heaven.

No more plain old curry for me! \o/ (though if I wanted some, they have a whole AISLE of authentic curry stuff including NAAN)

Google Places, thank you so much.

In other news: my childhood obsession with My Little Pony has come back to bite me in the form of this fricking addictive kids' show. *points to icon* I always loved Pegasus Ponies best (plus umm yay color combo?? :D) :333333 *totally not ashamed of having just marathoned all the episodes available* The characters are sure, marketed towards 8-year-old girls, but they're pretty cute, and the almost anime-style animation is something I like, and plus it's MY LITTLE PONY people :< What's not to love??
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Lol I ordered the DVD for The Dog and Monkey ShowNeppuu Evolution, mostly because I just want to screencap lots of T2 flirting on stage and Shouta flexing with his shirt off XDDDD *shallow*

Let's try and be productive with that meme again... Day 6 - Your Favorite Pairing )


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