Mar. 9th, 2011


Mar. 9th, 2011 12:06 am
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So close to being finished with MahaMo...

22 min total are left. TWENTY-TWO MINUTES. And only 16 of them are actual plot, as the end is just wrapping up stuff.

I did 7 min yesterday and 13 min today...and I really want to finish this by Saturday for the group-viewing to have an excuse to look through it and fix messed up bits XD;

*pushes nose to grindstone*
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So, looking around I get the feeling that the app is one of the best personal finance management tools out there for Android. Unfortunately, it's not available for download outside of the US or something (as in, it cannot be downloaded by the phone--it wouldn't download to my IS03, and a Galaxy S user in S. Korea wasn't able to either, despite the Galaxy S being a very popular, up-to-date phone).

SO! Any other Android users have a personal finance management app of choice? I'm going to try out Easy Money for now, since it's got over 4000 reviews and a super high rating. Whether or not it'll fit me, who knows, but we'll see! But if anyone else has suggestions, I'm taking them :D


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