Mar. 8th, 2011

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I am super behind on that meme XD meh, I'll do it tomorrow. It's 30 days, not 30 CONSECUTIVE days, after all :D

In other news, I scored a front row ticket for Shounen Hollywood with Kime and Nagayan and that super adorable cutie Akazawa Tomoru from "Panic Cafe" plus Katou Mao who was in nu!Fudoumine et al. Or well...I think it is XD It's 1st row, but the set is really weird XD See the following:

See? I got a Tokyo seat, so I'm fairly sure it'll be there in that first section, but now I'm curious how they're gonna use the set. (reminds me of On5 XD)

In only slightly related news...I've decided to take the plunge and take the JLPT again! I took it my first year in Japan, Dec 2007, and haven't touched it since getting 2-kyuu. Well, these laurels are well and thoroughly rested upon, and I want to have 1-kyuu under my belt when I finally work up the nerve to start poking people to look into adding English subs to things... It's a far-off dream, but at least should I ever attempt to fulfill it, I'll have the credits to back it up XD;

Supposedly the applications for the July test will be available starting this month. I'd better start studying XD; I should probably take the December one instead, but I'm just going to go for it! :3 I didn't have much time studying for 2-kyuu and it worked out soooo *rubs hands* COURTNEY LUCK, FUUUULLLLL POWERRRR~~~

Or something like that :P


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