Jan. 30th, 2011

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I just--what in the hell is this??

(if you're not on [livejournal.com profile] kuroshitsuji, it's some technical theatre major or wannabe or something throwing out lots of jargon only those heavily involved in the field will understand to pretty much say, "lol so this production looks like SHIT so I'm wondering if it'd be even worth my time to deign to watch it or am I just gonna wanna scratch my eyes out cause ALL THE HAZING GUYS SCAFFOLDING CATWALK LIGHTING PLOT WAAAAH this free download of an anime musical must be perfect or it will soil my delicate vision" when asking the comm if it was even worth it to watch KuroMyu)

I'm not even that much into the KuroMyu shows, tbh, but listen. If you're getting it for free? You don't get to complain. Period. You can critique, but keep your biting commentary to your personal LJ and try not to disparage the actors and production team's hard work. And especially please don't act like this thing should be BEGGING for you to watch and enjoy it. Honey, they make plenty of cash already, and it's not because of their zomg amazing technical aspects.

And if you're not getting it for free--then why're you buying a show you don't even like??

That kind of stuff just pisses me off grandtime :| At least it was KuroMyu and not a fandom I really care about like BuriMyu or TeniMyu.

I mean--I know some of you are dance or theatre or music majors, right? Is it just that much trouble to turn down the criticism a tad and enjoy the show? I'm guessing not, because you manage to do it and enjoy the shows! SO PLEASE TELL ME WHY SHE CAN'T.

Argh, just :P *seethes* People need to look at their posts before clicking the button and rethinking, "Huh, does this make me seem like a snobby, entitled douchebag??"


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