Jan. 28th, 2011

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SO! That was, I must say, the most well-spent 3000 yen I've forked over in a looooooong time. I can't believe I haven't been going to these things before, and given that next month is MAKO-CHAN as one of the guests (others haven't been announced, BUT WHO CARES. GOING.) I think I need to make this a regular thing (it's every month apparently??)

Entry was by number and seating was, "Wherever you want," and since I was one of the last ones to get in, I figured I'd be in the nosebleed section having to squint to see the guys, but hurrah! Going stag turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I just squeezed into a random open single chair RIGHT in the middle of the second level front row, putting me at pretty much perfect eye-level with the guys and far enough away that I could easily see them all :3 WOOT!

Unfortunately, the show didn't start until 8 PM, so we were sitting there for an hour and a half XD;;; But once it got started, WOW did it get started. If you watched the show, of course you know how it went! (and THANK YOU to the lovely member who recorded and uploaded the show. Seriously.) The guys were all sitting in front of a big screen that showed the NicoNico page behind them, so you could see everyone chatting and all in real-time (though amusingly, the video lagged about 3 seconds behind real-life, so it was like...instant-replay of any awesome stuff that happened XDDD)

I feel like it was a really good chance, too, for us to get to know these guys' personalities better! Shouta I love, sure, and was pretty familiar with already--but Mio and Hirose I knew only vaguely through TeniMyu (and certainly didn't know enough about them to peg down their personalities), and while I'd seen Suzuki Hiroki on several occasions before (note: NOT D-boys' Suzuki Hiroki :P The pretty one that looks like a girl and is known for roles like Saionji Kaoru in Gakuen Heaven Myu and boy!Juliet in Romeo and Juliet) I'd never seen him off stage (not even in backstages) so I really had no clue what he'd be like.

That being said, I LOVED THEM ALL. Shouta was a given, but Mio was hilarious (he and Shouta were just gabbing back and forth and being really flirty and cute), and Hiroki was just GUH I HAVE A NEW OBSESSION because man that boy is pretty and reminds me of Mako-chan--and then Hirose. Oh wow, I have no words for how awesome he is XD He's this kind of quiet, KY dude who perpetually plays a manzai boke, seriously. For example, when Hiroki asked the question to the viewers, "When do I change my toothbrush," and gave the possible responses as "after the bristles start to spread apart," "after 3 months," "when I run out of toothpaste," and "after one day"...Hirose beside him was all thinky and went, "hmm...definitely one day..." and then acted all adorably confused and offended when Hiroki giggled and hit him umm XDDD

Which brings me to tonight's realization: I THINK I KINDA SHIP THEM HARD. Hirose Yuusuke and Suzuki Hiroki, I mean :D Idk, can the rest of you who saw this back me up?? Were they not being incredibly giggly and flirty? Like, OVER THE TOP and in ways that weren't just boys being boys? XD; Whatever, I enjoyed it :P And luckily they're about to be in a show together (the one they were pimping throughout the show) which I'm going to with the Mt. Rock Charinko-bu XD

I'm so wanting to go to the next taping now--and someone should come with me :<


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