Jan. 17th, 2011

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So yeah. As many of you know, [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace and I are hard at work subbing Maharaja Mode but had been at a slight standstill while I waited for a Japanese *pnish* fan and friend of ours to transcribe the show--and she finally finished this weekend :D This will not only make subbing go faster (or at least translating XD), but it also cleared up a section I'd been having trouble hearing before.

From the scene ~40 min in where Parvati comes upon Pasupata and Shiva and begs Shiva to protect him (from Niganda and Adis). Shiva at this point thinks that Parvati is afraid of Vishnu for some unknown reason, but agrees to help, with the following conversation:

Shiva: I see! Leave it to me--I'll kick his ass for you!
Parvati: Ah, wait--no--
Shiva: No no, I get it! I knew you'd stop being fond of him one of these days. No need to say anything more!

XD;;;;; So Shiva is apparently aware of Parvati having feelings for Vishnu?? XD He uses 愛想尽かし (【あいそづかし】  (n,vs) no longer being fond of someone; spiteful words or acts showing that one is disgusted with someone) which could, at its most benign, refer to Parvati being a good little shrine attendant and showing Vishnu proper reverence before as the king, but come oooonnnnnn we all know he was gagging for the royal jewels :D

It also makes it seem like, idk, Shiva is going to get revenge for Parvati because he's glad Parvati finally got out of his abusive relationship and is going to beat up his ex-boyfriend for him or something XD Shiva/Parvati OTP? According to Wiki, it is!

*gets to translating*


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