Jan. 4th, 2011

fencer_x: (Oh Tuti!)
Geez Japan, why do you have to be on the OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET and therefore a 13-hour plane ride away?? :/ Would it KILL you to be half that, or a third even??

Well, regardless, I'm back in the Land of the Rising Sun, in my cold apartment where I found out I had left a bathroom light on. All winter break. Awesome. Yay energy consumption for no good reason >_>

In good news though, I got my bags shipped back no problems, my wireless internet is all set up and working like a charm (yay!) AND!! Literally TEN MINUTES after I stepped off the plane, my phone rang...and it was the AU people telling me my phone (my Android) was fixed and ready to be picked up ;~~~~; YAAAAAAY! I could've picked it up immediately if I'd gone straight to Ikebukuro, but unfortunately one of the pieces of paper I needed to turn in my rental phone was back at my apartment so--alas! I'll have to get it after work tomorrow. But I can wait XD;

At the moment, I'm really really really tired and have been up for 24 hours, hurrah :D And since I have work in the morning, I'm about to get to bed soon XD At least it's only 3 days of work and then a 3-day weekend packed with fun! Panic Cafe, TeniMyu, and meeting up with friends :33333

Oh! And I finally watched the 2nd Season DVD on the plane ride over! I have many thoughts to share XDDDD But those will wait til the morning ;) Night~!


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